Compass42 is a global advisory and solutions firm that delivers transformational change through strategy, innovation and technology

Compass42 specializes in helping our clients survive and thrive in the "new normal" of business and technology disruption, change, and digital transformation. We have experience delivering quality results for clients of all shapes and sizes, across multiple industries.  Our services include business technology advisory, technology advocacy & evangelism, technology solution development & deliver, executive events & workshops, and interim & fractional CIO services.

At Compass42 we provide guidance for a successful journey towards your company's goals and objectives.

What's in a Name?

Many people ask what is the meaning behind the name, Compass42. The two parts of the name, Compass and "42", each have a distinct meaning, and come together to support who the firm is, its history, and how we deliver value to our clients. A compass is a tool used for navigating a successful path to where we want to go.  As a firm we serve as that compass for our clients helping them navigate a successful path towards their goals and objectives.  There are two parts to the meaning of the "42".  The first parts pays homage to our roots and the Oil industry in our hometown of Houston,  as there are 42 gallons in a barrel of oil.  The second part is from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams as the number "42" is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.  The firm's name supports our mission of providing guidance for the journey.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is one of our favorite books.  We highly recommend reading this book.





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